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Data Constraint or Metadata Constraint Overview

A SDMX Data or Metadata Constraint provides the ability to further restrict the allowable content of a Codelist in the context of a Data or Metadata Structure Definition a Data or Metadataflow, a Provision or Metadata Provision Agreement, or Data or Matadata Provider. Collectively these are termed as Constrainable Structures.

Data and Metadata Constraints.PNG

Structure Properties

Structure Type Standard SDMX Structural Metadata Artefact
Maintainable Yes
Identifiable Yes
Item Scheme No
SDMX Information Model Versions 3.0
URN - DataConstraint namespace urn:sdmx:org.sdmx.infomodel.datastructure.DataConstraint

Context within the SDMX 3.0 Information Model



Constraints can be used to specify a subset of the theoretical content of data set or metadata set which can be derived from the specification of the DSD or MSD.

Each Constraint references a type of Structure and within that type many structures can be constrained.


Constraqint IDs IDs are conventionally uppercase using underscores '_' as separators if required. Examples:

Agency Concept Scheme ID Description SDMX-ML
ECB EXR Periodicity SDMX-ML