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Fusion Metadata Registry (FMR) Knowledge Base

Fusion Metadata Registry

Fusion Metadata Registry is a free to use structural metadata registry for SDMX supporting EDI, SDMX 1.0, 2.0, 2.1 and 3.0.

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The ecosystem includes a collection of open source SDMX software tools cooperating to solve official statistics use cases.

This knowledgebase provides further information on how to install, configure and use FMR and the tools:

Fusion Metadata Registry Topics

SDMX statistical data engine and structural metadata registry. The main statistical engine for data collection, integration, processing, storage, query execution and time-series calculations. It provides an SDMX-compliant data and metadata REST API. The integrated SDMX structural metadata registry acts as the central repository, authoring and maintenance tool for all of the structures including Codelists, Concepts and Data Structure Definitions.

Overview What is Fusion Metadata Registry?
Installation and Configuration How to install and configure the Registry
Concepts Reference Explanation of key concepts and terms used in SDMX
SDMX V3.0 Structures Detailed explanations of the main SDMX structural metadata artefacts
Structure Maintenance How to maintain the SDMX Structures
Reference Metadata Guidance on working with SDMX 3.0 reference metadata in Fusion Registry 11
How to and other Features Guidance on specific tasks using Fusion Registry
Mapping Mapping using Structure Maps and Representation Maps
Data Formats A description of supported Data Formats
Security Authentication and Authorisation Features
Web Services Registry Web Services
Change Log Change Logs for Fusion Metadata Registry
Functionality Retired after Version 10 Functionality no longer available in V11

FusionXL Topics

FusionXL is an addin for Microsoft Excel which connects to a Fusion Registry server for both data and structure retrieval, and maintenance.

Installation How to Install Fusion XL and connect to a Fusion Registry server
Creating Datasets Create datasets and load datasets for the purpose of data authoring, validation, and conversion
Author Helper Provides assistance when creating datasets
Structure Explorer Create, Retrieve and Modify Structures using the Excel Ribbon
Other Features Other features available in FXL
Change Logs Change Logs for FusionXL

Fusion Transformer

Fusion Transformer is a command line application providing transformations between supported data files.The Fusion Transformer is a command line application providing transformations between supported data files.

Fusion Workbench

The FMR Workbench (FWB) provides a web user interface (UI) for browsing and maintaining SDMX Structures obtained from external SDMX compliant Structure Web Services, including (and not limited to) - any FMR installation, OECD.STAT, public SDMX web services, such as the SDMX Global Registry,BIS,ECB,ILO,UNICEF.

FMR Workbench Getting Started Getting started guide for the FMR Workbench


Fusion Metadata Registry-Command Line (FMR-CL) is a command line application which performs functions against the web services of a running FMR instance.


Using FMR-CL

Structure Backup Supporting backup of structures and transaction history for restore in new installations of FMR