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An SDMX Data Provider or a Mettadata Provider is an Organisation type which is responsible for reporting data (via a Provision Agreement).

Data Providers and Metadata Providers are maintained in a collection called a Data Provider Scheme. A Data Provider itself must be owned and maintained by an Agency.

Structure Properties

Structure Type Standard SDMX Structural Metadata Artefact
Maintainable Yes
Identifiable Yes
Item Scheme No
SDMX Information Model Versions 2.0, 2.1, 3.0
URN - DataProvider namespace urn:sdmx:org.sdmx.infomodel.base.DataProvider
URN - MetadataProvider namespace urn:sdmx:org.sdmx.infomodel.base.MetadataProvider
Example urn:sdmx:org.sdmx.infomodel.base.DataProvider=GOT:DATA_PROVIDERS(1.0).DP1

Context within the SDMX 3.0 Information Model

Data or Metadata Provider