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The changelog function allows all of the changes between versions of a single structure to be viewable on a single page. The control to view a changelog is located under the table of structures and can be activated for any structure where more than one version exists in the Registry.

Changelog button.PNG

Once activated a new tab in the browser is opened with a view of the changes between the versions. A typical example is shown below:

Changelog - Example of one change.PNG

Each version is shown in its own section with the changes split into 3 distinct parts:

  • Additions: Such as codes added to a codelist, or descriptions added to a structure.
  • Removals: Items that have been removed from a structure.
  • Edits: References of a structure being changed or the ordering of items being modified.

Note the expand and contract buttons which is useful if there are many differences between two versions:

Changelog - Expand and contract buttons.PNG

Example of Expanded view

Changelog - Expanded view.PNG