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Agency Diagram

An Agency Scheme contains a non-hierarchic list of Agencies and is a type of Organsiation Scheme.

Agencies own and maintain Maintainable structures.

The top-level Agency Scheme is the scheme for which SDMX is the maintenance agency and is termed the "SDMX Agency Scheme". Every Agency in every Agency Scheme must be related directly or indirectly via intervening Agency Schemes, to an Agency registered in the SDMX Agency Scheme. In this way each Agency can be identified uniquely by the combination of Agencies in the path from the SDMX Agency Scheme to the Agency Scheme in which it resides, plus its own identity in that scheme.

In practice, organisations implementing SDMX create an Agency for themselves in a local copy of the SDMX Agency Scheme. Organisations can ask to be added to the master SDMX Agency Scheme which is maintained in the SDMX Global Registry, however for many this is unnecessary unless planning to publish structures for global use.

Organisations can define sub-agencies by setting their own Agency as the owner rather than SDMX. Sub-agencies have IDs of the form [Agency ID].[Sub-agency], for instance XYZ.DEPTA. In theory, Sub-agencies can themselves have Sub-agencies, but this approach is rarely used in practice.

Structure Properties

Structure Type Standard SDMX Structural Metadata Artefact
Maintainable Yes
Identifiable Yes
Item Scheme Yes
SDMX Information Model Versions 1.0, 2.0, 2.1
URN - AgencyScheme namespace urn:sdmx:org.sdmx.infomodel.base.AgencyScheme
Example urn:sdmx:org.sdmx.infomodel.base.AgencyScheme=SDMX:AGENCIES(1.0)

Context within the SDMX 2.1 Information Model

Agency Scheme