Upgrading to Version 11

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This is an old page and is superceded by the page Upgrading_from_Version_10_to_Version_11.

The structure of the operating database has changed in Fusion Metadata Registry (FMR) version 11 making it incompatible with version 10. An existing FMR 10 installation cannot be directly upgraded to version 11, and a version 11 database cannot be used with version 10 of Fusion Metdata Registry. To upgrade from 10 to 11 please follow the steps below.

If you attempt to install FMRV11 without following these steps, the Tomcat will fail to start.

Step 1

In your Version 10.0 Registry, login and navigate to the Bulk Actions Page.

Bulk Actions Page

Select to download All Structures and choose the format type of FUSION-JSON and it is recommended to tick all of the options on this modal as shown below.

Download Structures in Fusion-JSON format.PNG

Download all the structures and save the Zip file somewhere safe as you will be using this back-up later. You may now stop the Apache Tomcat running this Registry.

Step 2

Either empty your database, using an appropriate tool, or create a new database scheme.

Step 3

The contents of the Registry Properties must also change to work correctly in version 11. Usually the properties file is located in your home directory as detailed in this article.. Locate the file, empty the contents and save it. We recommend that you do not change the location of the properties file as, if you do you will need to change the setenv.bat file as discussed in this article, specifically the -DRegistryProperties path.

Step 4

Install version 11. This will effectively be a new Installation and you can follow the instructions as detailed here.

Important: when you enter details of the database schema it must be the new one or the emptied one. The database should not have any tables present at this time.

Step 5

Having successfully installed version 11, login and select the Load Structures option and chose the file you saved in Step 1.

Overview Page

The Load process will perform an automatic conversion to the SDMX 3.0 model

Step 6

Lastly, as this is effectively a brand new installation, you may need to configure your Fusion Metadata Registry as detailed here.