Quick start guide - Deploy as a Docker Container

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This guide explains how to deploy FMR as a Docker Container.

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A self-contained Fusion Metadata Registry image complete with a MySQL database suitable for testing, personal use and light production work loads.

1. Install Install Docker Desktop, start Docker

Execute the following commands using the Windows Command App, Windows PowerShell, Linux terminal or Mac terminal.

2. Download the Fusion Metadata Registry Docker image

docker pull metadatatechnology/fmr-mysql:latest

3. Create a container called 'fmr'

docker container create --name fmr --publish 8080:8080 metadatatechnology/fmr-mysql:latest

4. Start the container

docker start fmr

Point your browser at


  • The container will take between 1 and 2 minutes to start - so be patient!
  • There is a single Root User Account:
   Username: root
   Password: password
  • Log in to administer the system, and create, load and maintain SDMX structures.

5. When finished - stop the container

docker stop fmr

More on Docker Hub.