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In order to deploy a FusionRegistry war file for a new Installation, file you need to have followed these steps:

  • Install a Java Runtime Environment More
  • Install and configure an Apache Tomcat web application server More
  • Install and configure a MySQL database More


The Fusion Metadata Registry Core software is distributed as a ZIP file containing:

  • The FusionRegistry.war file - the actual software
  • PDF documentation - setup, configuration and operating guides
  • Some sample SDMX structural metadata and data

We recommend that you save the Zip file as you need to extract the war file in order to complete the installation and you may need may need the remaining files at a later date.

To install Fusion Metadata Registry, extract the WAR file which needs to be deployed to the Tomcat web application server. That's explained in the next section.

Deploying the Fusion Metadata Registry Core WAR file to Tomcat

  • Stop Tomcat if it is already running
  • Copy the WAR file into the tomcat\webapps directory
  • Start Tomcat

The deployment process will take between 1 and 2 minutes.

Point your web browser at http://localhost:8080/FusionRegistry and you'll see the Fusion Metadata Registry installation page when the deployment process is complete.

Installation Page

Click here to see the next step for a New Installation.