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The SDMX-ML Structure message is an official SDMX format used for transmission of structural metadata. It is known as one of the SDMX-ML formats, in that it is SDMX whose representation is in XML.

XML schemas formally specifying the structure of the message are maintained in the SDMX GitHub Repository with additional PDF documentation on the SDMX Website.

The SDMX-ML Structure message closely mirrors the SDMX Information Model. For this reason, versioning of the message follows that of the information model:


The following is an example of an SDMX-ML 2.1 Structure message illustrating the basic organisation of XML elements, and containing a number of individual structures including Dataflows, Codelists, Data Structure Definitions and Provision Agreements. The full message can be downloaded using this SDMX REST API structure query:

SDMXML2 1structure.png