Restore (Rollback) Structures

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Fusion Metadata Registry records all modifications to structures and makes this information available to the Agency who owns the structure.

The structure modifications can be viewed in the details section which is displayed below the table of structures once you select a structure as shown below.

Example Structure Page

An alternative approach to view structure modifications is to use the left-hand menu to navigate to the Activity -> Structure Submissions page. This page shows the modifications made to each structure and includes structures which have been subsequently deleted from the system. As the Structure Submissions page contains deleted structures, it is possible to perform an undelete operation from this page. Click here to read more about this feature.

Rollback functionality is also available through the REST API function. Click here to read more about this feature.

Note: to take full advantage of the Rollback feature it advisable that Audit Events is switched on. Click here to read more about this feature.


Rolling back to a previous version is not something that should be done lightly. To assist, there are several options to help you check before making the final action of rolling back.

Compare Revision

From the GUI, before you perform the Rollback you can use the Compare Revision option. The revisions are shown on the dropdown list.

Compare Revision

Clicking the Compare button will open the Compare page in a new tab in your browser.

Compare Page

Use the Master and Target drop down to select two Revisions to compare, the differences will be shown as is the example above.

Download Revision

This option allows you to download a zip file which will contain the structure in SDMX-XML format. This allows you to check before you decide which version you want to rollback to.

An example is shown below.

Downloaded Revision file viewed using XML Spy

View Details

The Modification Details box will open as shown in the image below. Again, you can use this as part of your verification process prior to performing the rollback. To view the Log Details, Log Events should be enabled in Audit Settings.

Modification Details

It is possible to Download a CSV log file which will also show details as in the example below if Log Events has been enabled. Again you can use this to check the details prior to rolling back.

Downloaded CSV file


Lastly, having checked which version you want to rollback to, you can use the Rollback button on the View Details box. Rollback button.PNG