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Oracle may be used to act as the persistant store for Registry information. However the JDBC driver that communicates from the Registry to an Oracle instance is not provided within FMR and must be obtained by a Systems Administrator.

Obtaining and Specifying the Oracle JDBC Driver

To get FMR to communicate succesfully with an Oracle database, there are three tasks to perform:

  1. Obtain the correct dependency file
  2. Supply this to your Java Web Server (e.g. Tomcat) that you are using to run FMR.
  3. Specify the appropriate Credentials to FMR.

Obtaining the Oracle Connector Dependency

FMR supports the 'ojdbc8' Thin JDBC Driver with Java JRE / JDK versions 1.8 or higher.

The driver consists of a single ‘jar’ file: 'ojdbc8.jar'.

The ‘jar’ file is not included as part of the FMR distribution so must be obtained and installed separately prior to starting the application.

‘ojdbc8.jar’ can be downloaded from Oracle using the following link (accurate at the timne of writing this article). Download Oracle odbc8.jar.

Driver Installation

The ‘ojdbc8.jar’ must be supplied via the Java CLASSPATH.

The recommended option is to add the filesystem location of the ‘ojdbc8.jar’ to the CLASSPATH of the application server. If using Apache Tomcat, this can be done by setting the CLASSPATH environment in the Tomcat ~/bin/ script.

For example:


where /home/oracle/jdbc is the directory containing the ‘ojdbc8.jar’ file.

Connection Details

FMR requires a database to be specified on the first page of the Install Wizard. This can be changed at a later from the Administrator "Database Settings" page.

Oracle by default uses port 1521.

If you wish to make a custom connection to Oracle, the information you will likely need is:

Connection String Of the form:

jdbc:oracle:thin:@server url>:<server port>/<oracle schema>
e.g. jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521/orcl12c

Dialect org.hibernate.dialect.Oracle10gDialect
Class Name oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver

Custom Strings can be as complex as your require. Here are some examples of more complicated Custom Strings:

 jdbc:oracle:thin:@ (DESCRIPTION = (ADDRESS_LIST = (LOAD_BALANCE=off) (FAILOVER = ON) (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=localhost)(PORT=1521)) )  (CONNECT_DATA=(SERVER=dedicated)(SERVICE_NAME=orcl12c) ) )