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To load an existing dataset, locate the file using Windows Explorer.

If the system can find details of the Provision Agreement, a pop up window will appear enabling you to select the Data Provider and the Dataflow.

Supply dataset info.png

Supported Formats

Supported formats are:


An example of a dataset is shown below.

Load TRD dataset.png

Legend The way the labels are displayed differs depending on the type of component and whether it is 'coded' or not. Components in a Data Structure can be linked to a Codelist to ensure that only permitted data is entered. The permitted values and be see in the Author Helper which is discussed in this article.

Three colours are in use along with bold text:

Colour Used for
Black Coded Attributes which are not mandatory. Time and Measure Components
Black + Bold Coded Dimensions
Brown Uncoded Dimensions and Attributes)
Brown + Bold Mandatory Uncoded Attributes and Uncoded Dimensions
Red + Bold Mandatory Coded Dimensions and Attributes

Once the dataset is loaded, it can be edited, saved and loaded into a Fusion Registry.