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Fusion Metadata Registry provides a web service for deleting structural metadata.

Deletion is performed by submitting a structure message as if importing the content to the Registry, but instead using the HTTP DELETE verb. The structure message can be in any supported structure format, with the information supplied as a file, zip file, or in the HTTP body.

Entry Point /ws/secure/sdmxapi/rest/
Access Secure Agency and Admin only
Authentication HTTP Basic Authentication
Http Method POST
Accepts SDMX-ML,SDMX-JSON or SDMX-EDI structure messages
Compression Zip files supported, if loading from URL gzip responses supported

1. multipart/form-data (if attaching file) – the attached file must be in field name of uploadFile

2. application/text or application/xml (if submitting data in the body of the POST)

Response Format SDMX-ML Submit Structure Response Message (XML)
Response Statuses

200 - Submission Success

400 - Submission could not be performed (either an unreadable dataset, or unresolvable reference to a required structure)

401 - Unauthorized (if access has been restricted)

500 - Server Error

HTTP Verbs

HTTP Verb Purpose
DELETE Deletes the structures specified

HTTP Headers

HTTP Header Purpose Allowed Values
Accept To define the response format