Convert data between SDMX formats V11

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In Fusion Metadata Registry there are two ways of converting data using the Graphical User Interface.

1. Using Quick Convert

This option can be found by selecting Convert from the Data Menu as shown in the example below.

Convert Data page

You can use this option to:

  1. Convert Excel datasets to SDMX V2.1 format
  2. Convert XML datasets to SDMX V2.1 Structure specific format

Formats which can be converted to SDMX 2.1 are:

  • SDMX-V2.0-Compact
  • SDMX-V2.0-Generic

The xml file will be validated and downloaded.

If the validation was successful you will be advised as shown below.

Successful Conversion

If unsuccessful you will be presented with an error message similar to that shown below.

Conversion with Errors

In both scenarios, to see more detail you can click the link View Conversion Report which will take you to the Dataset Details page as shown below.

Dataset Detials

2. Converting from the Dataset Details Page

To use this option, select the file (or enter the url) and click Load Data to validate the data. You will be taken to the Dataset Details page as shown below.

Convert and Download Options

Select the format you require and then click Download.