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The Fusion Registry maintains referential integrity by ensuring that no structure can be added to the system if it references a structure that does not exist, and no structure can be deleted from the system if it is being used by another structure. If the Fusion Registry detects that there is a structure in its database which has become detached (in that it references a structure which does not exist) it will be classified as a zombie and put into a quarantine location which is set apart from the 'working set' of structural metadata. When in quarantine, the structure will no longer appear in the Fusion Registry structure web services. The Zombie structure web services can be used to discover if any zombies exist, if they do they can be exported, or removed from the system.

In order to fix a zombie structure, there are 3 options available

  1. Delete the structure from the system
  2. Export it using the API and then fix the reference and reload it to the Fusion Registry
  3. Load in the structure that is referenced by the zombie (so it is no longer a broken reference)

It is important to note, this API exists as a fail safe, Fusion Registry is expected to protect against the metadata producing zombie structures by rejecting structure submissions which create them.

List Zombie Structures

List all the zombie structures in the system (in fusion-json format)

Entry Point /ws/secure/structure/zombie
Access Restricted to Server Admin
Http Method GET
Query Parameters
Parameter Required Description
stub no if true the structures will be retrieved as a stub


Structures in fusion-json format

Delete Zombie Structures

Deletes zombie structures in the system, the method takes a JSON Array of URNs to delete.

Entry Point /ws/secure/structure/zombie
Access Restricted to Server Admin
Http Method DELETE

Delete All Zombie Structures

Deletes all zombie structures in the system.

Entry Point /ws/secure/structure/zombie/all
Access Restricted to Server Admin
Http Method DELETE