Upgrading from Version 10 to Version 11

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The structure of the operating database changed in Fusion Metadata Registry (FMR) version 11 making it incompatible with version 10. An existing FMR 10 installation cannot be directly upgraded to version 11, and a version 11 database cannot be used with version 10 of FMR.

If you attempt to start an FMR instance using a version 10 database it will fail to start. We recommend using an empty database and loading structures into it. To upgrade from 10 to 11 please follow the steps below.

If you wish to preserve structures and settings from a version 10 database please see the article titled: Migrating Structural Metadata History and Settings

Other options are available as described in the next paragraph.

Migrating structures and settings from FMR 10 to FMR 11

Option 1 - Using the Backup and Restore Command line tool V11.3 and later

Full instructions can be found in this article however please note that the Restore option is only available in Version 11.3 (and higher) of FMR. If this is not the case, use Option 2.

Option 2 - Using the Export Structures tool

To create a file containing all of the structural metadata within your Registry, please perform the following:

  • In your current version 10.X FMR, navigate to the Export Structures / Bulk Actions page.
  • Click on the green "Download all structures" button
  • In the modal that appears ensure that the format is specied as Fusion-JSON. You may choose to download as a Zip file so that the generated film is smaller in size.
  • Download the structures and store them safely as these will be used to upload in your Fusion Registry version 11

You may now stop the Apache Tomcat running this instance of FMR.

Option 3 - Migrating Structural Metadata History and Settings

This option explains how structures and certain settings can be migrated from FMR 10 to FMR 11 using SQL commands to directly modify FMR’s operating database. To learn more, please read this article

Starting the Version 11 Fusion Metadata Registry

If you attempt to start FMR against a version 10 database, the Registry will detect this and will halt the startup process. It is highly recommended to use an empty database.

To start FMR version 11, 11.1, 11.2 or 11.3

  • Deploy the war file into your existing Java WebServer (e.g. Apache Tomcat).
  • Start the Java Web Server and wait for the FMR to fully deploy
  • Using your browser navigate to the front page of FMR.
  • Step 1 of the install wizard will be shown. Supply the details of your new database.
  • On Step 2 of the install wizard set the server location and the root account.
  • Finish the install wizard.

You will now have a running FMR (although with no content) that has an associated database for persistance of your structures and settings

To start FMR version 11.4 or higher

Prior to starting the tomcat you need to ensure that the MySQL jar file is available as discussed in this article.

Login and Upload Structures (Option 1 only)

You should login to the Fusion Registry and upload the structure file you obtained from FMR version 10.

  • Login to the FMR
  • Navigate to the front page
  • Using the "Load Structures" control found at the top right of the page, load the structure file
  • Wait - the time taken to load will depend on the size of the structures present in your file.
  • Ensure that the structures have loaded by looking at individual pages or the Export Structures / Bulk Actions page to see an overview.

In the unlikely event that there are any issues loading the structures, please check the Web Server log files and also the "Server Integrity" page (located in the left-hand menu bar) which reports any structures that break the Registry Integrity. If you need help, please contact Metadata Technology for further support.

Note: if you have used the Restore tool (Option 1) or have migrated your structures and settings manually (Option 2) this step is not necessary.