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This option (available from the Data Menu) enables you to record a data registration. This is available to the Root user and if the FRM system has an Authentication Service, Administrators, Data Providers and Agency users.

Data Providers and Agency type users are only able to Register data for their 'own' Provision Agreements.

Data Registrations Page

Select the Register URL button to open the Register facility.

Data Registrations Page

The Dataflows available to a logged in user will be shown as a pick list along with the Data Providers.

Two types are available, File (the default) and URL.

Having completed the Register, click Register.

Note: the format to be used for type file is as per this example:


Additional Features

  • References - this will take you to the Structure Reference Page where you can see associated structures.
  • Export - allows the Registration to be exported in xml format.
  • Re-Register - this will update the registration date.
  • Delete - allows you to delete a Registration if authorised to do so.