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From FMR 11.8.0 a new feature exists in FMR which allows Java code to be registered into the FMR. This allows an administrator to write custom code that FMR will load at start-up time. A typical use-case for this is the creation of new Data Validators, explicit to a particular organisation.

To Implement

FMR scans a package at start-up time which is io.sdmx.external.plugin. If any class files are located within this package, FMR will use reflection to instantiate these classes and then register them into the system itself via the FusionBeanStore

All classes in this package must have an empty Constructor as Java reflection will be attempting to construct with no parameters. If parameters are required to your classes you will need to reqork the code.

Please note that if you require supporting classes for your plugins, these should be placed in a sub-package, otherwise FMR will attempt to construct and register them.