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Fusion Metadata Registry needs an operating database to store the structural metadata, configuration settings and other operating information like audit logs. MySQL, Oracle and SQL Server are supported. If you already have one of those services available, use that and simply create a new schema for Fusion Metadata Registry to use.

Note that MySQL or equivalent services like MariaDB must be MySQL 5.7 compatible.

Warning Fusion Metadata Registry is not compatible with MySQL 8.

For those without an existing database service, the rest of this guide explains how to install and configure MySQL 5.7 on Windows.

Installing MySQL 5.7

Download and install MySQL 5.7 Community.

Creating the Fusion Metadata Registry schema

We recommend that you create a dedicated schema for Fusion Metadata Registry to use. You can do that using the mysqlsh command line interface, but a simple option is to install the MySQL Workbench which provides a graphical user interface for Windows users.

MySQL Workbench GUI

Download and install MySQL Workbench.

Using MySQL Workbench, connect to your MySQL database service and create a new schema. There's a button on the toolbar to do that.

MySql Workbench

It's usual to give the schema a name like fusion_metsdata_registry, but there's no restrictions so call it what you like. You'll tell Fusion Metadata Registry the name of the schema to use during the install process.

New Installations of FMR

If you are implementing a new installation of Fusion Metadata Registry, having installed MySQL the next step is to to complete the installation process More.