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This functionality appears on the main menu as a logged-in user. If a user is not logged in, the option is named Export Structures as detailed in this article.

Bulk Actions

If a user is Logged-in, there are additional features.

Deleting Structures

This option allows you to Delete Structures.

Navigate to the type of Structure and select one, several or all the Structures (of the chosen type) and then click the Maintenance button. Maint-cog.PNG

When a structure is deleted, it is important for the Registry to ensure that no structures cross-reference the deleted structure. The Registry will check to determine if the structure marked for deletion is referenced, and if it is, the user must choose to either delete all the cross-referencing structures, or cancel the operation. If the structures to be deleted include structures owned by other Agencies, then the user must have the authority to modify these structures (i.e. they must either be an Admin user, or a user with an account linked to multiple Agencies).

An example is shown in the image below.

Bulk Delete

A useful resource is available to help you check for cross-reference is explained in this article.