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FusionXL is an Excel user interface for Fusion Registry providing structure browsing, structure maintenance and data authoring.

Details of how to install the add in can be found here: FusionXL install

Download FusionXL

FusionXL 3.0.2

Release date: 28 February 2023

File:FusionXL 3-0-2.zip

Key Changes and Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue preventing structure retrieval under certain conditions where the Registry uses client-side certificates
  • Updated license to Apache-2.0

FusionXL 3.0.0

Release date: 30 May 2022

File:FusionXL 3-0-0.zip

Key Changes:

  • Modifed to make all functions compatible with FMR 11
  • Browse Data function removed - Fusion Registry users should use the FXLData add in
  • Publish Data function removed - users should now use the Fusion Registry web UI or the REST API to submit data

FusionXL 2.6.1

Release date: 07 February 2022

File:FusionXL 2-6-1.zip

Key Changes:

  • Improved Create Dataset function for data authoring - Options added to fix dimension and attribute values, set default observation attribute values, include / exclude optional attributes, save the settings
  • Dataset cell colouring removed to improve legibility - all cells are now black with Bold indicating a component is mandatory

FusionXL 2.5.0

Release date: 04 August 2021

File:FusionXL 2-5-0.zip

Key changes

  • Data Author Helper - Data Author Helper - Improved support for non coded attributes
  • Data Author Helper - focus incorrectly moves to the first component in the series when the helper is opened
  • Data Author Helper - uncoded observation attributes - insert button should be disabled until a time period is chosen